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The assumption is misleading that gestational diabetes is caused by pregnancy hormones.  My hypothesis suggests it is caused by some dietary practices. If these practices are changed,  your abnormally high glucose levels will return to the level at your pre-pregnancy time. The hypothesis is testable. My tests have achieved consistent success.

The assumption is misleading that Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. My hypothesis suggests that this disease is caused by some dietary practices. If these dietary practices are changed, newly diagnosed patients and those in the honeymoon phase will be cured, and post-honeymooners will be greatly improved. Please join the discussion.

The assumption is misleading that Type 2 diabetes is caused by genetics and overweight. Worldwide, 99% of pre-diabetic patients, and 78% of Type 2 diabetic patients, who underwent bariatric surgeries, have been cured. The exploration of the cure mechanism leads to a scientific hypothesis for the similar result without surgery. Test it!

The new era of diabetes research starts here. All previous study is a blind alley because it is based on ASSUMPTIONS: the causes of T1D, T2D, and GD are autoimmunity, genetics, and pregnancy hormones, respectively. Here you will find scientific HYPOTHESES -- the initial building blocks of the scientific research for T1D, T2D, and GD, accordingly. The research built on hypotheses is the only scientific approach to finding the cause of every type of diabetes. Join the program, get your questions answered, and find out your improved HbA1c.