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Ten thousand readers are invited to evaluate the hypothesis for the underlying cause of diabetes! Is the cause associated with the American National Academy of Medicine?

Gestational diabetes is not caused by pregnancy hormones but by some dietary practices. If these practices are changed, your abnormally high glucose level, no matter it's a little or much higher, is hypothesized to return to the level at your pre-pregnancy time. I have tested the hypothesis in a number of patients and achieved consistent success.

Type 1 diabetes is not an autoimmune disease, but a disorder caused by dietary practices. If these dietary practices are changed, newly diagnosed patients and those in the honeymoon phase are hypothesized to be cured, and post-honeymooners are hypothesized to be greatly improved. Please join the discussion of the hypothesis.

Worldwide, 99% of pre-diabetic patients, and 78% of Type 2 diabetic patients, who underwent bariatric surgeries, have been cured. The cure mechanism is the removal of gastric hypothermia caused by some dietary practices. The hypothesis suggests that if these practices are changed, then pre-diabetes and and early Type 2 diabetes will be cured.

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