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Type 1 diabetes is not an autoimmune disease. The autoimmune assumption has never been approved. Our study suggests the disease is a dietary problem. If some dietary practices are changed, then newly diagnosed patients and those in the honeymoon phase will be cured, and post-honeymooners will be greatly improved.

Worldwide, 99% of pre-diabetic patients, and 78% of Type 2 diabetic patients, who underwent bariatric surgeries, have been cured. Our hypothesis suggests the removal of gastric hypothermia is its curing mechanism. If some dietary practices are changed, then pre-diabetes and and early-stage Type 2 diabetes will be cured.

The assumption is misleading that gestational diabetes is caused by pregnancy hormones.  Our study indicates that the underlying cause of gestational diabetes is insulin incompetence caused by some dietary practices. If these practices are changed, then gestational diabetes will be cured in days.

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