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Insulin Resistance

Gestational diabetes affects the mother and their offspring. The underlying cause is not clear. Conventionally, it is assumed to be caused by insulin resistance: pregnancy hormones mediate body cell pathways to minimize glucose absorption. Since it is an assumption, neither patients nor doctors can prove it right or wrong.

That is the tragedy to use an assumption in research. Insulin hormones are the keys that unlock cell gateways for glucose absorption. In gestational diabetes, the key-and-lock chain malfunctions. This assumption limits the research on the locks only. What happens if the keys are defective? We have to think outside the box, we need a hypothesis.

Insulin Incompetence

I have pioneered the investigation on the “keys”. My hypothesis suggests that the cause of gestational diabetes is insulin incompetence. There are at least three scenarios that new insulin hormones are made defective by gastric hypothermia. The hypothesis is built on both western modern medicine and eastern traditional medicine.

The prediction of the hypothesis is that if a woman with gestational diabetes changes her dietary habit, then her high glucose levels will be lowered. To test the hypothesis, you maintain whatever treatment you have on, just change your dietary habit to see the corresponding changes of your hyperglycemia. The test is safe and has no cost.