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Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is not an autoimmune disease because the autoimmune assumption has never been approved. Our study suggests some dietary practices might be its root cause. Our hypothesis indicates that if these dietary practices are changed, then the development of the disease of patients at any stage will either stop or substantially subside.

Pre & Type 2 Diabetes

Worldwide, 99% of pre-diabetic patients, and 78% of Type 2 diabetic patients, who underwent bariatric surgeries, have been cured. Our study clearly shows that (1) the removal of gastric hypothermia is its curing mechanism, and (2) diabetes has little to do with weight gain or weight reduction. Over half of the obese patients has no hyperglycemia.

Gestational Diabetes

The assumed cause of gestational diabetes is insulin resistance caused by pregnancy hormones. It is unprovable. Our study indicates that its underlying cause is insulin incompetence caused by gastric hypothermia created by some dietary practices. Our hypothesis indicates that if you change these practices, then your hyperglycemia will disappear.