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Diabetes Research Needs Hypotheses

Can an acupuncturist challenge the mainstream medical research? Yes, I am doing so. I am licensed in California. I regard myself as an independent researcher of holistic integrative medicine. I believe the exploration of diabetes has been moving to a wrong direction.  

The current exploration is not scientific because it is based on assumptions. Type 1 diabetes is assumed to be caused by the autoimmune system, Type 2 diabetes is assumed to be caused by family genes, and gestational diabetes is assumed to be caused by pregnancy hormones.

These assumptions cannot be proved or disapproved because their independent variables are not manageable.  Research with this approach can never succeed because it is in the wrong direction. The public has been paying a high price for this inappropriate approach. Half of the adult population in developed and developing countries are suffering from hyperglycemia.

A scientific research project is to make and test hypotheses. Please watch and evaluate the videos for the first hypothesis ever formulated in diabetes research. The hypothesis indicates that all types of diabetes have the same cause - gastric hypothermia. If this independent variable is controlled, gestational diabetes, pre-diabetes, early Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes will be cured, and chronic Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes will be greatly improved.

Discuss this hypothesis with your doctor or acupuncturist. Get involved to test the this hypothesis if possible. The clinical results will be seen in weeks or months. If a healthcare professional wants to join me to form a research team, please send me your proposal  to info@himedicine.com.  

One thing is sure: In research, we should make and test hypotheses rather than assumptions.

William Jing
Founder of himedicine.com


Dr. Yingqiu Wang

Principal of University of East-West Medicine, Sunnyvale.

Dr. Amy Matecki

Chief of Integrative Medicine Division at Alameda Health System.

Dr. Phillip Yang

Principal of Nine-Star University of Health Sciences, Sunnyvale

Mr. Joseph Pavao

Information Technology Engineer

Mr. Lorne MacDonald

Electrical Engineer Professor